Vetcorder™ PRO Features

Why Vetcorder Pro?

The Vetcorder has been updated to include a durable protective case integrated with a multi-parameter splitter. Updated app to include continuous monitoring via Bluetooth and an internal temperature probe to monitor core temperature. VETCORDER PRO is the same great device that fits in your pocket, ONLY better! DID WE MENTION the touchscreen and ease of use? Admission to discharge.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of ECG, SpO2, Temperature and Heart Rate. An audible “beep” can be heard whenever a heart rate is detected. Now, continuous monitoring via Bluetooth will allow you to monitor your patient while performing other tasks in the clinic. Up to 12 hours of battery life means you can monitor several patients from intake through recovery before recharging.

Monitor on Android and iOS

While using the Vetcorder Pro’s Monitor Vitals app you can view your patient vitals up to 30′ away enabling you to monitor patients while completing other tasks in the clinic. The Vetcorder apps are free and downloadable via the app store for iOS and Android.

Equipment Highlight AVTAA

Hello Fellow-VTSers, I hope you have had an opportunity to work with the newest versions of the Vetcorder! Besides improved probe connections, it has a new esophageal or rectal temperature probe along side the ECG and pulse oximetry. The thoughtfulness of the ECG clips to avoid trauma to the patient, ability to easily convert to electrode pads for a telemetry application. The blue tooth connectivity of this unit really makes it a wonderful device for quick monitoring of the extubated, critical patient before and after surgery or monitoring from a distance if you need to anesthetize the next patient in a busy practice. My personal favorite is using it for sedated wound debridement, monitoring immediately following induction when my multiparameter monitor is with a more critical patient, unblocking cats, monitoring critical patients, continuous monitoring with patients in the oxygen cages and critical patients in radiology! The applications are endless in emergency and critical care. Of course, as an anesthetist, I want more….Capnography!! But this company has taken this into consideration and provided a small handheld unit to compliment the Vetcorder. Coupled excellent technical and customer support, I’m excited to have this unit within an arm’s reach for my busy emergency and referral hospital!

Daily Check

Your team can take a 30-second recording of ECG, SpO2 and temp and save under a pet file that includes name, weight and age. Vetcorder Pro allows you to take many recordings of an individual patient over a longer period of time during their stay in the hospital.

Internal Temperature

With Vetcorder Pro’s internal temperature sensor and extension, it’s never been easier to continuously monitor body temperature for the safety and comfort of a patient. Before, during and well into recovery.

Bluetooth Data Transfer

All recorded data can be transferred to our mobile application via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Once connected, you can download the data and view measurements from Daily Checks as a daily, weekly or monthly trend.


Examination Room: Spot Check

When Pieces’ owner leaves, her vital signs begin to rise immediately. With Vetcorder, the veterinary technician can take a spot check in the exam room before “white coat syndrome” begins to take effect.

Recovery Room: Monitor Until Awake

We know there is no replacement for having hands on the animal, yet emergencies arise that can take attention away during the course of recovery. Technicians and pet owners get peace of mind knowing that every pet is monitored until full recovery.

In the Field: Mobile Monitoring

Practicing in the field comes with unique challenges, among them is monitoring. The Vetcorder Products are capable of supplying every veterinarian and technician in the field with monitoring solutions.

“I want every veterinary nurse in my practice to have a Vetcorder in their pocket. We now monitor our critical care patients from when they check in until they come out of recovery and beyond.”

Dr. Rodney Kuenzi DVM

Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital

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