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Please contact us for a LIVE Virtual Walkaround or in-service of the Vetcorder Monitors! We’ll send you a meeting invite at your convenience and do a presentation on the monitors. Give us 20 minutes, and we’ll show you why the Vetcorder monitors are a must-have in your facility! If you’ve already purchased a Vetcorder—CONGRATULATIONS! We’ll teach you the tips and tricks to using VETCORDER!

Incorporating the Vetcorder™ Monitors into your facility makes the possibilities limitless, including additional revenue streams by way of monitoring charges. The Vetcorder™ Monitors pay for themselves in a very short amount of time. We find it a rare occurrence when a pet parent wouldn’t want their trusted veterinary professionals to have the ability to monitor their pet from exam to recovery. It is the right thing to do for patient care.

At Sentier, we are committed to the success of your monitoring situation and strive for patient safety. With the Vetcorder™ Pro, it’s easy to monitor every patient—every time!  

We’re confident that the Vetcorder Monitors, with their advanced features and proven track record, will fit your needs perfectly, giving you the assurance you need in your monitoring process. 

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“I want every veterinary nurse in my practice to have a Vetcorder in their pocket. We now monitor our critical care patients from when they check in until they come out of recovery and beyond.”

Dr. Rodney Kuenzi DVM

Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital

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