Introducing the digital doppler – Vetcorder Pulse Companion 

  • Vetcorder Pulse Companion (TM) Digital Doppler Microcontroller based
  • Software upgradeable
  • Capacitive touch LCD
  • 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Flat or pencil-style probes – User interchangeable
  • Designed, assembled and serviced in the USA


Doppler ultrasound is a noninvasive test that can be used to measure the blood flow through your blood vessels. It works by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off red blood cells that are circulating in the bloodstream. A regular ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images, but can’t show blood flow.

A Doppler ultrasound can estimate how fast blood flows by measuring the rate of change in its pitch, also called frequency. A technician performs uses the doppler technology to get an accurate measurement of the patients blood pressure. This may be done as an alternative to more-invasive procedures such as placing an arterial line for this measurement.

Listening to your patient’s beating pulse
The Vetcorder Pulse Companion Doppler is the heart of the doppler kit, but you don’t need to use the whole kit to benefit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics many of our clients simply lightly tape the Vetcorder Pulse Companion on and listen to their patients pulse during anesthesia.

Why choose the Vetcorder Pulse Companion Digital Doppler?
Whether measuring blood pressure in a clinic, in surgical procedures or simply as a pulse quality monitor, the doppler gives you:

  • Improved patient safety
  • The reassurance to diagnose and prescribe
  • An ability to track the efficacy of treatment
  • Helps improve client compliance as they can see the effect of your treatment
  • Helps generate profits either as part of an ongoing screening program or as part of an anesthetic fee

If your patient’s BP, pulse rate, or quality of pulse changes you will immediately hear it.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3…
Simply prepare the fur over the pulse you want to use; tail, brachial, radial or even femoral.
1. Swab the fur with alcohol (it gets the oil out), and apply a generous dollop of ultrasound gel
2. Lightly hold the probe over the pulse using care not to push down and occlude the artery
3. Switch on and adjust the volume to suit or use the enclosed headphones provided

The ability to measure and monitor blood pressure trends provides important data about patient cardiovascular status and may help define an approach to treatment. Blood pressure monitoring is a vital part of a small animal practice. 

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