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Here you will find answers to some of our commonly asked questions. If you do not find what you’re looking for, please use the “Support” in the lower-right corner and a real person will reply to you directly. Our support team is available to every customer for scheduled telephone or LIVE VIDEO training and troubleshooting.



How do I connect my Vetcorder Classic Monitor to my phone or tablet?

Using an Android or iOS tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, download the app Vetcorder Monitor and start the Vetcorder’s “Monitor Vitals” mode. The App should display the last four of your Vetcorder’s serial number within 30 seconds. Select your Vetcorder and monitoring will begin. The first time you connect, you may have to enter the code “8888” to begin.

How to store the Vetcorder Classic?

How do I store my Vetcorder Classic?
Storing your Vetcorder Classic is a breeze! In the video Becky Woods tells you how to plug and unplug your minimonitor adapter as well as how to store the cords for later use.

How long does it take to charge?
The Vetcorder takes approximately 3 hours to charge from zero to 100 percent battery life.

Should I turn it off after use? 
After two minutes in the main screen, the Vetcorder will enter a standby mode that lasts up to three months. Press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds to turn off the Vetcorder.

NOTE: The video depicts the Vetcorder Classic Device.  Vetcorder Pro care and usage videos coming soon. 


How does the Bluetooth help in recovery or isolation?

Vetcorder Classic’s Bluetooth ability comes into play when this doctor monitors his patient while documenting the procedure.

Unpacking and setting up your Vetcorder Classic with Becky

This is an in depth Vetcorder Classic in-service video with our very own Becky Woods. DID YOU KNOW? Our service department is available for questions, tips and tricks and general information by calling 844-VETCORDER. Also, EVERY MONITORING DEVICE from Sentier comes with a no cost in-service done via phone or live video to get your clinic or facility off to a great start. 

What's all the buzz about a capnograph?

This video gives an analogy about why a capnograph is the best patient monitor for those under anesthesia.


Is my Vetcorder Classic obsolete?
Absolutely NOT! Vetcorder Classic is widely used in all clinic settings and on most large and small animals.

Vetcorder Classic has been SOLD OUT in US Markets. Accessories will remain available and can be found on our SHOPPING PAGE HERE.


What does my Vetcorder Pro come with?  
The Vetcorder System includes one Vetcorder Pro, a protective case with integrated cable adapter, an SpO2 lingual sensor, one 2-lead ECG with clips, one temperature cable for measuring core temperature, one extension cable, and a USB charging cable with AC adapter.

Will the Vetcorder Pro work with large animals and or exotics? 
YES! You can purchase separately Large Animal Extension Kit, SpO2 Reflectance Sensor, Zumaya Needle ECG for Exotics, carrying pouches and more. See our SHOP tab for details or contact us for more information.

What is the warranty on a Vetcorder Monitor? 
Every Vetcorder System purchase comes with a free in-service training with one of our product experts. We also provide technical support via phone or our support page on this website.  The Vetcorder and protective case is covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.  Other accessories are covered by a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Can I use my Vetcorder Pro in dental? What if it gets wet? 
HELLO BLUETOOTH! This is a perfect spot to use the Vetcorder Pro. Using it’s Bluetooth feature you can keep the monitor close to your patient under a blanket to prevent it from getting wet, ALL WHILE viewing it on a phone or tablet in front of you.


What is included with the Vetcorder Airmate?
Vetcorder AirMate Capnograph System – Includes unit, straight airway sample adapter, sampling tubing and moisture filters (6pc) (NOTE: Low dead space adapters are available for smaller patients)

Is a sidestream capnograph good for my dental suite? 
YES! This technology is actually preferred for dental work as the analyzer is away from the patient. Air is drawn through the tube by a pump to the device for measurement. (instead of a sensor directly mounted on the end of the endotracheal tube)

How hard is it to get filters or tubing for the Airmate? 
IN STOCK and ready to ship. Vetcorder Airmate uses standard tubing and is easy to find and replace via our website or your distributor. Moisture filters are sold in packs of 5 or packs of 25 and can be found on our “SHOP TAB”

What if I need service? 
If you need service on your Vetcorder Airmate (or any other Vetcorder monitor), all service is handled by trained professionals in the United States.


What is included with the CAT+ Doppler?
The CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit includes a manual, 2 photocell rechargeable batteries, a battery charger and appropriate cable, 1 bottle of Ultrasound gel, a set of JVC  headphones, a set of wipe clean blood pressure cuffs (size 1-5, also suitable for dogs) and of course the CAT+ Doppler.

is this doppler only for use on cats?
NO! As mentioned above, included in the kit are size 1-5 BP cuffs that can be used on most companion animals.

Can I use it just to listen to a pulse on my patient? 
The CAT+ Doppler is the heart of the CAT+ BP kit, but you don’t have to have a whole kit to benefit. As well as taking blood pressure in clinics many of our clients simply tape the CAT+ on and listen to their patients pulse during anesthesia.


Caring for your VETCORDER PRO!

To clean the Vetcorder, wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Light alcohol applied to a cloth is permissible. Only remove the device from the case if necessary. Never submerge the Vetcorder Pro in liquid of any kind.  ECG clips may be unsnapped, and connections cleaned with alcohol applied to a cotton swab.


The cables may remain plugged into the device for storage provided they are not wound around the unit. They may be removed by pulling straight out of the unit by the connector of the cord. Never store cords in a pinched or tensioned fashion. Lay loosely for storage.

Caring for your VETCORDER AIRMATE!

To clean the Vetcorder Airmate, wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Light alcohol applied to a cloth is permissible. Never submerge the Vetcorder Airmate in liquid of any kind.


Don’t forget to register your device for warranty. Every Vetcorder Monitor arrives with a card that you see to the right. This will give you information on care and storage as well as registering for your warranty. 




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