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Vetcorder™ Pro System

The Vetcorder Pro System includes one Vetcorder Pro multi-parameter monitor, a protective case with integrated cable adapter, an SpO2 lingual sensor, one 2-lead ECG with clips, one temperature cable for measuring core temperature, one extension cable, and a USB charging cable with AC adapter.. Every Vetcorder Pro System purchase comes with a free in-service training with one of our product experts. We also provide technical support via phone or our support page on this website. The Vetcorder and protective case is covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Other accessories are covered by a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Due to the sensitive nature of monitors being utilized on patients, all monitor sales are final.

Vetcorder Airmate™ Capnograph

Vetcorder AirMate Capnograph System – Includes unit, straight airway sample adapter, sampling tubing and moisture filters (6pc)

Improving the quality of patient care with portable capnography is now easier with the Vetcorder Airmate™.
Vetcorder Airmate is a fast, convenient and reliable capnograph that uses sidestream technology to accurately track end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2). It is suitable for both large and small animal monitoring from induction to recovery.  Low dead space adapters as well as other accessories are available for purchase with the system. Due to the sensitive nature of monitors being utilized on patients, all monitor sales are final.


Vetcorder™ Pro and Vetcorder Airmate™ COMBO

VETCORDER COMBO system includes the Vetcorder AirMate Capnograph and the Vetcorder Multi-Parameter Monitor. These two units are sold as a “combo pack” and not to be separated.

Vetcorder AirMate is a portable state of the art capnograph that allows the veterinary staff to monitor their patients continuously from induction through recovery. Its size allows ease of use in the dental suite, the recovery cage, and other under monitored areas in many facilities.

The Vetcorder Pro offers an alternative to outdated, high cost and bulky monitors. As a portable smart monitor, it stays with your patient from admission through discharge.

CAT+ Companion Animal Doppler System

The CAT+ Doppler Blood Pressure Kit includes a manual, 2 photocell rechargeable batteries, a battery charger and appropriate cable, 1 bottle of ultrasound gel, a set of JVC headphones, a set of wipe clean blood pressure cuffs (size 1-5, also suitable for dogs) and of course the CAT+ Doppler.

The CAT+ Doppler allows a practitioner to monitor conscious blood pressure for hypertension, as well as listen to a pulse while patient is under anesthesia. The CAT+ is great for cats AND DOGS! Due to the sensitive nature of monitors being utilized on patients, all monitor sales are final.

Vetcorder™ Accessories

Check your warranty or call Sentier before ordering replacement parts.

Vetcorder Airmate™ Accessories

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