“I want every vet in my practice to always have a Vetcorder in their pocket. We now monitor our critical care patients from when they check in until they come out of recovery and beyond.”

- Dr. Rodney Kuenzi DVM, Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital

Examination Room: Spot Check

When Pieces' owner leaves, her vital signs begin to rise immediately. With Vetcorder, the veterinary technician can take a spot check in the exam room before "white coat syndrome" begins to take effect.

Operating Room: Overhead Display

Using the same Vetcorder that was assigned to the patient upon arrival, the veterinarian can seamlessly begin to apply anesthesia. The large overhead display allows the technician to have easy sight of the patient's vitals.

Recovery Room: Monitor Until Awake

We know there is no replacement for having hands on the animal, yet emergencies arise that can take attention away during the course of recovery. Technicians and pet owners get peace of mind knowing that every pet is monitored until full recovery.

In the Field: Mobile Monitoring

Practicing in the field comes with unique challenges, among them is monitoring. The Vetcorder is capable of supplying every veterinarian and technician in the field with monitoring solutions.

In the Home: Spot Checks and Trends

Get vitals without the "white coat effect" by sending customers home with the Vetcorder. They can connect and report vital signs data from home. Monitor trends and decide when it is a good idea to bring a pet back into your clinic while adding value to your practice.

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