Airmate Capnograph

Vetcorder Airmate is a portable state of the art capnograph that allows the veterinary staff to monitor their patients continuously from induction through recovery. Its size allows ease of use in the dental suite, the recovery cage, and other under monitored areas in many facilities. This capnograph is for veterinary use only.



Improving the quality of patient care with portable capnography is now easier with the Vetcorder Airmate™.
Vetcorder Airmate is a fast, convenient and reliable capnograph that uses sidestream technology to accurately track end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2). It is suitable for both large and small animal monitoring from induction to recovery. 

One button to start measurement

Anti-glare screen

Lasts for more than 12 hours

Utilize standard Luer line

Fits in the palm of your hand


High resolution color touchscreen

Veterinary use


Purchased together in our “combo” package option the Vetcorder and Vetcorder Airmate can often replace outdated bulky monitoring systems. In the palm of your hand, the multi parameter monitoring can be used from admission to discharge.  ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, Temp – all covered between two hand-held devices that fit in your pocket. 


Studies have validated that capnography is more effective than pulse oximetry in detecting early signs of respiratory complication.

Clinical judgement is the most important component of interoperative monitoring. Any instrumentation used for intraoperative monitoring should always be in addition to the clinical judgement of competent veterinarians and veterinary anesthesia nurses. Typical standards are monitoring for oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter. This monitor measures blood hemoglobin O2 saturation. In patients receiving supplemental O2 this parameter drops only when the patient’s circulation / ventilation is jeopardized.  Many veterinary anesthesiologists believe in raising this standard to include monitoring for the presence of exhaled carbon dioxide using a capnograph. A capnograph like the Vetcorder AirMate can provide an extra level of patient safety by monitoring the adequacy of ventilation.

Every Airmate Capnograph comes with our WORLD CLASS SERVICE AND SUPPORT CENTER!

Wherever and whenever EtCO2 monitoring is used, it improves patient anesthesia safety. End-tidal CO2 monitoring should be the standard of care in all veterinary clinics. The portability and reliability of the Vetcorder Airmate now extends EtCO2 monitoring safety beyond the operating room.

Dr. Rodney S. Kuenzi, BS, DVM

Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital

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