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"After a week of using the Vetcorder, my team of 8 CVTs asked me to buy more units since they were fighting over the one that I bought.  We now have a total of three and my other machines are gathering dust. My techs and I highly recommend the Vetcorder."

- Dr. Ilan Waskow, Mile High Veterinary Hospital

Measure and record vital signs


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On the work of Sentier's leadership in 1995:

“Oximeters will undoubtedly become one of the more commonly used methods of monitoring in most, if not all,veterinary practices.”

- W. Muir, DVM Ph.D.

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We are proudly distributed through MAI Animal Health and its partners in the United States, and UXR in Canada. Our partners share a commitment to value and quality for the veterinary practice, so we encourage you to contact them to get an in-person demonstration and personal service for the Vetcorder.

United States

United States